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Thread: Temple hires former Kat LB Scott Stewart as HC

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    Temple hires former Kat LB Scott Stewart as HC

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    Scott was a good dude, a tough LB and an academic all-Southland player for the Kats. I remember during softball intramurals he would wear work gloves instead of batting gloves and knock the snot out of the ball.

    he beat out some pretty stiff competition for the job: head coach Rick Rhoades of three-time state champion Cameron Yoe, head coach Jon Kay of defending Class 6A Division I state champion Galena Park North Shore, and Temple assistant head coach and strength and conditioning coordinator JD Berna.

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    Temple makes it to the state championship game with another upset win. They play Highland Park 12:00pm Saturday

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    I had forgotten all about this thread; I have slept since February. When I saw the title, the first thing I thought about was TEMPLE UNIVERSITY. Ohhh, yeah, that is not the only Temple is it?

    Sounds like they made a good hire. Best of luck to him and his program next Saturday.
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