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Thread: Cost associated with FBS

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    From the UNT blog...
    The $20 million figure isn’t really a deficit
    Well, is it or isn't it? I guess it's kinds like when the airlines got bailed out. We lost money, but the government bailed us out, so it really wasn't a deficit.

    The headline from the same blog a few days earlier read... Report: UNT athletics finished with a $20 million deficit in 2014-15

    Report: UNT athletics finished with ...cit in 2014-15
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
    It's very accurate. Without student fees and money kicked in from the university Texas State's athletic department loses $23 million a year, conversely, the big schools don't need student fees and money from the school. It says that very plainly in the report
    As a former member of the Sam Houston Student Service Fee committee, I can attest that it's still money that's kicked in and accounted for in the budget, so I disagree with your point. Many of the big schools are also 'taxing' their students through other means such as charging for tickets/passes to sporting events while Sam Houston State does not as essentially they are 'paying' for this through their fees.

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    Students/parents are getting tired of paying to subsidize athletic departments. The growing use of those studentsí money is alarming to some people inside and outside the universities. I know you heard about SFA...
    I do not blame them but in many cases, including the case for our friends in San Marcos and those in San Antonio, the students approved increasing the student athletic fee in order to move FBS and start football, respectively. Same for Sam Houston State. The students have voted on fees in the past for athletics which were then validated by the Texas State University System Board of Regents.

    End of the day, whether its student fees or monies kicked in from the University budget (which I call "marketing expenses"), it still part of the budget that the school can account for with athletics.
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    I would like to see us make the move up in Football and maybe try to get in the Sun Belt Conference. Our sport teams are good enough to do well in that conference. Probably won't happen. Don't have the money or football facility to do it.

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