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Thread: OUTRAGEOUS - Mindblower - Please take action

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    Thank you for sharing. I received the same document this morning.
    This suitably, repugnant piece of communication sidesteps the real issue and glosses over any core accountability. Obama would be so proud!
    The fact is if in fact there was not basis of fact, then send out a rebuttal. Fact is Dan Rather contributes too much to the university.
    I am beyond pissed that our SHSU is culpable for furthering the extreme left and their radical viewpoints. Black Lives Matter and White Privelige unequivocally should not be supported in academia.
    Sam Houston Administration is caving into the weak snowflake mentality and student enrollment and fund raising will decrease. The fact that we have to defend our position is unfortunate, no pathetic.
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    Our institution founders determined that our sacred school colors are Orange and White - we should respect as such.

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    Fullride, KK, DH & others:

    They aren't going to budge with the big picture. But they are sensitive to the possibility that this program might have overstepped its bounds. Might I suggest each of the 3 of you to reply back to the U and request that they remove the sentence from the course description referring to racism. Cut and paste the sentence for them. It's one thing to reference "race," but it is entirely a different thing to imply "racism." Remind them that we would object to any implication of racism from other non-white groups as well... so you are being consistent.

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    I don't have a problem with this. This will not not effect my giving to this university.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DHKat2 View Post
    I sent an email this morning to Dr. Hoyt requesting her decision and reasoning behind this...
    No response to date...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DHKat2 View Post
    No response to date...
    Same...nothing via email or Twitter.

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    I guess the real question is will this cause any of you to discontinue all giving to the university? IE, football tickets, attending events, etc.

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