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Thread: Our college is paying for this nonsense?!?

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    Our college is paying for this nonsense?!?

    Is Sam Houston really paying students to take courses on Black Lives Matter and white privilege issues?

    My God, I thought that we were safe here from that SJW nonsense...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katty View Post
    Not true. Shimshock is not an "on the level" journalist- check out his other posts. Story needs attribution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KumbayaKat View Post
    Not true. Shimshock is not an "on the level" journalist- check out his other posts. Story needs attribution.
    "Understanding Whiteness" Honors College course number HONR 3375.01 (Fall Semester)

    "Black Lives Matter" course #3375.01 Spring Semester.

    Both a part of the Elliott T Bowers Honors College curriculum. Of course there are other courses a person could enroll in and get the same financial benefits, but these are apart of the program nonetheless.

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    Doesn't really matter how they try and spin it. The course description alone for "Understanding Whiteness" is appalling. First their going to indoctrinate you then as a part of the course you are to go forth as said course instructors disciple and indoctrinate those in the community. It's a ridiculous notion to expect any different reaction than the one they are getting.

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    Understanding blackness woulda caused a shitstorm! Sad that racism and bigotry only works one way in our society

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    I gave this issue a couple of weeks to settle down before posting a final reply to it. Since this subject was posted in two Forums, I'll post this reply in both.

    I am offering no opinion as to what is really going on with these classes, because I largely don't have one. This topic hit the news the very day before we sat down with two representatives from SHSU to fund our Capital Campaign donation for year 1 of 5 in the campaign. I was genuinely concerned about it; so I brought the subject up with the two representatives we were in discussion with. Their replies were frank and straight forward, and we are satisfied with the responses given to my questions.

    In fact, one of the two people that we were meeting with said that he actually taught one of the courses in this series some 2 or 3 years ago, though not one of the 2 courses that were being mentioned in the news media. He said the gist of the program is that students would be exposed to controversial topics, and as the result of the coursework be prepared to have a fact based dialogue on those topics. He said there was no effort made in the course he taught to influence anyone one way or the other, nor to indoctrinate the students into thinking one way or the other ... being Pro or Con, about the topic. Simply, these are the things that people people are saying about this topic, these are the facts; so now let's learn how to have a reasonable discussion about this topic. He could not speak for how other professors address the process, but those were the parameters of how he was to teach the course and that is what he did. Again, yes, we accepted his word on it.

    In the subsequent few days I had several opportunities to interact with the other party to our discussions, as our funding and the corporate match from my employer proceeded to hit the books at SHSU. Among his comments were; "This Honor's Seminar is a very good thing, unfotunately the whole concept is being taken out of context", "This incident could not have happened at a worse time, being at the very front end of the Capital Campaign" and, in response to a direct question from me; "Yes, we have had people say: Not another DIME to SHSU as a result of this situation".

    The following was an attachment to an email that he sent to me on the subject of the seminars within the Honor's College;

    The recent reporting on Sam Houston State University’s Honors College is inaccurate and misleading. The facts are:
    • No honor students are paid to take any classes or given scholarships to attend a particular course.
    • The seminars mentioned in the media are optional and not required.
    • Seven to eight seminar classes covering a number of topics are offered each semester and are limited to 25 students.
    • Students can choose the seminar they wish to attend and must complete two in order to graduate with honors.

    The seminars being debated are part of a standing series entitled “Difficult Dialogues,” which encourages a constructive conversation on selected controversial or provocative topics. The course content changes in order to reflect contemporary subjects being discussed in the world.

    We, at Sam Houston State University, are here to educate not indoctrinate. One of the significant aims of education is to produce students who are well informed and think independently with personal autonomy and reasoned judgment.

    The Elliott T. Bowers Honors College has an enrollment of 660 high-performing students and provides a challenging and well-balanced curriculum. The college takes a team-teaching approach, providing a wide array of viewpoints that encourage students to push beyond for a deeper understanding.

    I have also taken the opportunity to discuss this situation with other people who have insight that I do not possess; some within the SHSU umbrella, others that are not. I am satisfied that this program was NOT designed, and is NOT intended to indoctrinate students in any way. I also recognize that it is POSSIBLE that a professor could disregard the guidelines and use the course being taught on a specific topic as an opportunity to indoctrinate anyway. Though quite honestly, that situation exists in EVERY course at EVERY college or university in America as it is.

    One final thought; seeing some of the, uhhmmm, shall we say "discussions" that take place on I am pretty sure that students in our Honor's College aren't the only ones that could benefit from coursework on “Difficult Dialogues”.

    All The Best ...
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