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Thread: Adding seats to the stadium

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    Adding seats to the stadium

    I looked at the items being discussed at the next Texas state university system meeting. Shsu wants to add to our CIP a "renovation of 8,000 gross sqft to increase capacity. Project cost is set to be 2.2 million and looks like it's planned on being started after the 2019 season.
    Anyone have anymore info on this?

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    Awesome. Can you provide a link for this?

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    Here's a screen grab. Also includes Bowers.

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    And more importantly, since they announced the coaching promotions and additions I'll say this. Coach deggs got a substantial raise. Don't think he will be going anywhere for a few years

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    So I guess they'll be adding more seats down the first base side?
    The new fiscal year starts on September 1st and then we will have access to see the raise he got.

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    I know what it is but I don't feel like I'm at liberty to say. I'll just say that I was blown away by it. His raise is in line for a coach in conference USA. And other conferences of that stature. And yes I believe it will all be permanent seating down the rf line. I'd assume just extending the current setup passed the dugout. But this part is just a guess.

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    TSUS: Additions to 2018-2023 Capital Improvements Program
    Upon motion of Regent _______________, seconded by Regent _______________, it was
    ordered that:

    The Don Sanders Baseball Renovations project and the Bowers Stadium Renovation
    project at Sam Houston State University be added to the 2018-2023 TSUS Capital
    Improvements Program.


    Sam Houston State University requests that the two projects below be placed on the CIP so that
    they may be initiated prior to the next CIP annual update in May 2018. Project Information
    Forms for each are attached to this Motion.

    Don Sanders Baseball Renovations

    This project will renovate 8,000 gross square feet of space at the Don Sanders Baseball
    Stadium. The recent success of the baseball program at SHSU has created a need for
    increased seating options to increase revenue from this program. The preliminary project cost
    for this project is $2,211,000, and is based on an estimate by PBK Sports. The proposed
    source of funding is Gifts. Placement of this project on the CIP will enable Sam Houston to
    initiate programming and design of this project in September 2017.

    Bowers Stadium Renovation

    This project will renovate 30,000 gross square feet of space at Bowers Stadium. SHSU
    Athletics programs are currently located at various locations across campus. Completion of this
    renovation would achieve a portion of the directives listed in the SHSU Campus Master Plan by
    creating a consolidated and contiguous Athletics District, relocating outlier programs as well as
    improving stadium functions to include a press box and athletic offices. Alternate seating
    options at various price points will be added to the stadium to increase revenue. The preliminary
    project cost is $21,400,000, based on a high-level conceptual estimate by PBK Sports. The
    project is proposed to be funded by Gifts. Placement of this project on the CIP will enable Sam
    Houston to initiate programming of this project in Fall 2017, with a view toward completing the
    project in time for the 2019 football season.
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