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Thread: Musicology Professor has passed away.

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    Musicology Professor has passed away.

    Sam Houston State lost one of it's best professors today as musicologist (music history) Sheryl K. Murphy-Manley has passed away. She had been battling cancer. Within the SHSU school of music she was one of the most respected and loved professors. Despite her classes being hands down the hardest in the School of Music. A tough as nails Bearkat if there ever was one. She had been battling and kicking cancer's ass strong for what seems like a decade now. She was funny, witty, tough, and fair all at the same time. Never was there not a smile on her face. She was more than just a professor of music history as she routinely served on University committees to improve the school. Her impact, however small, could be felt on the entire campus.

    She is irreplaceable. Sam Houston State has certainly lost one of it's finest Bearkats.
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    I didn't know her, but I'll take your word on how dynamic she was. Professors like that don't came along in ANY field just everyday. You didn't say it, but I sense that you lost a friend in her as well. Sorry for Sam Houston's loss.
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    Sorry for the loss.

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    Outstanding professor, she will be missed.
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