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Thread: Vegas lines for this weekends playoff games

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackfordpu View Post
    There was actually a tripod agreement without a retort. About as scarce as a clean shaven sfa chick.

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    Now that about the SFA chick is pretty darn funny! Good one BFPU!

    GO KATS!

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    5 Dimes
    Line is moving
    Sam is -3.5
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. OldKat View Post
    Actually, that play was called correctly though the face masking (which was easily seen) was called about the 40 yard line or so, but the play went down to nearly the goal line. Your friend was correct in that shortly after we got a pick. Seldom see something called like that, but it happened.

    Another weird play was an Assisting the Runner penalty against USD and it also was a valid call ... they had a player pulling on Streveler trying to get him into the end zone. An offensive player can PUSH on the runner, but not PULL on him. That is illegal, though I had never seen it called before and didn't know it existed before Saturday. Initially I thought that the officials had screwed this one up, because the play started at the 6 yard line and after the penalty the ball was placed back at the 6 yard line. So I thought; WTF? NO MARK OFF? Apparently it was marked back 5 yard from where the player started "assisting" the runner (Spot foul), just happened to be that was at the 1 yard line. So the 6 yard spot was correct.

    So while I have characterized the officiating as bad, those correctly called penalty were mega big for us. If they had missed them we likely would have lost the game. You can (accurately)say that we benefited from a correctly called penalty on the face mask play, but we did NOT benefit from any incorrectly called penalties ... that I know of. If that makes sense. Those statements cannot be said of the impact that the officiating had on USD's game. Must have been an early Christmas for them, cause they got some gift wrapped calls.
    Not only was player being pulled in, but he was actually being carried in. I went back and watched the replay of game and his feet were not even on the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TransAmBison View Post
    You make many points...
    Of course, I do. I make many good points and have many good ideas.

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    The line is now back down to a pick ‘em. They must have had some huge money come in on KSU yesterday for it to move from SHSU -3.5 to a pick

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