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Thread: JMU VS ND State

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridered125 View Post
    The booing isn't all bad. The presence of Briscoe and the orange made some the fans uncomfortable. That's good. I would think most who booed were full of excrement, whisky or Jagermestier anyway.
    Agreed. Not a big deal.

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    To hell with JMU
    Its not how you start, its how you finiSH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millenniumkat View Post
    To hell with JMU
    JMU offense score as many points our offense did against NDSU. LOL!!!
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    Need to move on. Baseball just around the corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TransAmBison View Post
    There was booing, but it wasn't a lot. Enough to be heard, but the cheering was more. I'm really not sure who the majority of the booing came from. I would guess some of each. A lot of Bison fans think USD's qb deserved the award. My wife was asking me how he didn't get it. I told her about his stats, the style of your offense, and that SHSU won the game against them. I'm wondering if that tipped the scales in Briscoe's favor? I would have liked Streveler to have gotten the award, but I still clapped for Briscoe. I'm not big on booing athletes from any team. Okay, maybe UND...I'll boo them...but that's another story.

    So, I can say there was booing but not a lot. And, I cannot confirm it was all on JMU...
    Thanks TransAm. I knew I could count on you to give a balanced assessment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. OldKat View Post
    Thanks TransAm. I knew I could count on you to give a balanced assessment.
    JMU can balance on my junk.
    Its not how you start, its how you finiSH.

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